"Collaborating to actively shape

the future of

the blood sector"

About us

The Alliance of Blood Operators (ABO)  was established in 2002 and is a network of not-for-profit blood operators with a global focus who recognize the benefits to the blood sector of collaboration and collective action.

ABO seeks to be a high performing international collaboration which drives local performance improvement, knowledge exchange and resolution of strategic issues for the benefit of the patients and health systems served by its members.

Our members

ABO is a network of six not-for-profit blood operators. 

  • American Red Cross
  • Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • National Health Service Blood and Transplant
  • Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation
  • Vitalant
ABO has established relationships with the European Blood Alliance and the Asia Pacific Blood Network, connecting us with over 40 blood operators globally, collecting over 33 million units of blood for a total population of 884 million people.

Our work

ABO has a suite of  capabilities (areas of mastery),  which support our members and drive performance improvement by:

  • Leveraging benchmarking and deep sector knowledge.
  • Offering insights to critical blood sector challenges through partnership and innovation.
  • Providing global thought leadership that can be translated into local operational reality.
  • Delivering leading edge environmental horizon scanning.

ABOs Strategic Goals identified for focus in 2020-24 include:

  • Re-imagining the donor experience
  • Innovate and optimize the vein-to-vein blood suply chain
  • Match products and services to evolving clinial needs
  • Embrace data, digital and emerging technologies
ABOs current strategic plan is available here


Decisions about blood safety are made in the context of emerging risks, evolving technology, societal issues, and economic realities. These decisions are aimed at managing the risks of blood donation, blood transfusion, and beyond.  The ABO developed a Risk-based Decision-making (RBDM) Framework for Blood Safety designed to :

  • help you identify, assess, act on, and communicate risk in a manner suited to each situation;
  • help organise and simplify the decision-making process by breaking it down into a series of logical and manageable steps;
  • offer the flexibility to adapt it to your own regulatory structures, local conditions, and needs.

The interactive Framework and additional details can be accessed on the ABO Risk-based Decision-making website.

Contact us

ABO Secretariat

Email: abosecretariat@redcrossblood.org.au

Ph: +61 (8) 6213 5904

290 Wellington Street

Perth, Western Australia  6000