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Elements and structure of the framework

Overall Process _edit 1

The Risk-Based Decision-Making Framework was developed on a four-part foundation, building out of:

The end result is the completed Risk-Based Decision-Making Framework presented here, made available through an online tool that constitutes the final part of the project. As the Framework sees more and more use, the Risk-Based Decision-Making Working Group will continue to monitor and gather feedback with an eye to continuous improvement and to ensuring that the Framework is always the best that it can be.

Click on the video links below for an overview of ABO’s Risk-Based Decision-Making framework to explore the 6 key stages. 

Overview of the RBDM framework and Stage 1 - Preparation

Stage 2 - Problem Formulation (Part 1)

Stage 2 - Problem Formulation (Part 2)

Stage 3 - Participation Strategy

Stage 4 - Assessments

Stages 5 and 6 - Evaluation and Decision 

A tutorial (slide deck) on the RBDM framework is also available here.