The Alliance of Blood Operators (ABO) was established in 2002 and today comprises a network of over 190 blood operators from North America, Europe and Australia, collecting over 30.5 million units of blood for a total population of 762.9 million people.

ABO seeks to be a high performing international collaboration of blood operators which drives local performance improvement, knowledge exchange and resolution of global strategic issues for the benefit of the patients and health systems served by its members.



ABOs’ principal members are:

  • American Red Cross
  • Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • National Health Service Blood and Transplant
  • Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation
  • Vitalant

Our work

ABO is characterized by a suite of existing capabilities ie known as Areas of Mastery,  leveraged and built upon during the life of this Strategic Plan. Strategic Goals identified for focus in 2020-24 include:

  • Reimagine the donor experience
  • Innovate and optimise the vein-to-vein supply chain
  • Match products and service to evolving clinical needs
  • Embrace data, digital and emerging technologies

ABO has developed a unique framework to help blood service operators streamline the process and make responsible decisions that lead to the greatest good.  Whether the blood safety decision to be made is small or large in scale, this framework can help to organize the process and to assure the quality of the information used to make the decision.

Information on the Risk-based Decision-Making Framework is available on the microsite here


Reach out to the ABO Secretariat for more information.